Tuesday, 13 August 2013

This may be the fanciest thing I've ever worn.

Same friend who gave me the salwar kameez in this entry wanted to wrap me up in her sari as well, and holy wow it's among the most beautiful items I've ever seen. *_* Sari of this kind are called banarasi sari and they're about as fancy as a sari can get. This was only to try it on me, however, in reality a banarasi sari is for really formal occasions such as weddings etc. and is meant to be worn with heavy amounts of your best jewellery and with far better care to make-up than I had.

Another problem I had was when I had to find something to wear underneath the sari. :D My friend adviced me to: "just choose something that fits the colour" and I had a serious fight with my wardrobe because while it's full of stuff it's all, er, faded pastel colours. The only suitable colour underclothes I had were black, but on a hindsight that may not be a bad thing at all since it really brings out the sari itself. 

THEREFORE: admire the sari, disregard the person in it. :D

When I was in the UK for a year as an exchange student there was this one girl in our friends group who often stated that a sari is the most feminine dress in the world, and that it flatters every shape of woman. She once dressed me in one of hers and I remember being amazed at how it made me look like I had curves. Well, same thing applies here: suddenly I have a waist!

We tried to take some photos outside as well but it was a really sunny day, and you could almost hear the sunlight shine off all that gold. Almost all of the photos came out with blinding light spots on them or just thoroughly burned at the embroidery part, but finally we found the only side of the house that had shade on it. Here the pallu is not gathered at the shoulder which gives a better look at the decoration.


  1. OHMYOHMYOHMY! I love it! A lot too!
    Sari is a superbly beautiful thing and I must find a good random reason to wear one now.. let's see... a costume party, oh yeas, that we needs..!

    Yeah. beautiful thing, looks lovely on you~

    1. Indeed, a sari accentuates just the right curves. I firmly believe no one can look bad while wearing one. :3