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Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Prints in Your Favourite Colourway

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I had to stop and think about the prompt for a while because I wasn't 100% certain I understood it correctly. Did it mean selecting three prints, and choosing a favourite colourway of them each? Or did it mean my general favourite colourway, iow the colourway I tend to go for if it's available? Perhaps the title was meant to be a little bit vague and both approaches equally available, but just to be on the safe side I wrote this entry from both viewpoints.

1) My favourite colourway in general tends to be grayish or greenish blue. Teal is the jackpot. 

Starting this with a no surprise, IW's Lotta. It's still one of my dream dresses, which is kind of rare because I actually rarely like prints. I don't care much about fawns either. This print is a huge exception for me in many ways and maybe one day... well, I can dream.

This one, however, is no longer just a dream. I bought Bodyline's Love Nadia (of the first stock), and of all my dresses this one has seen the most use. It fits with almost anything else in my wardrobe, is comfortable to wear and since it's washable it's also carefree. 

As a third option I'm just going to say Emily Temple Cute and not pick a favourite at all. Almost anything ETC in teal/sax colourway hits me straight in the heart roots. 


Mary Magdalene's Mille Rose, because I'm not sure if it counts as a "print" dress in the meaning that people usually associate to the term. Flower borders can be print Y/N? Anyway, the above dress is another dream dress of mine but probably out of my size limits unless I drop 10kg or so (unlikely).

2) Three prints selected by my love for said print, in favourite colourway.

Mary Magdalene (lol surprise) and Berry Shower Sundress. Holy yes get on my body!!!

Ahem, I do know this dress would not be too difficult to replicate if fancy took me that way. Maybe, if suitable fabric presents itself too me... maybe one day.

My eternal dream, Angelic Pretty's Puppet Circus OP in white. Here's a story with a lesson included in it:

Once upon a time year 2006 or 2007 there was a lolita who was browsing the internet. "Oh, a really pretty new print dress from AP!" she thought, but then she chanced to look at the price and saw it cost over xxx$ (I can't really remember how much it cost new, my brain's just giving me a xxx$ card so bear with me) and decided that no matter how pretty it was a dress just wasn't worth that amount of money. Anyway, you can't sell a dress for more than you bought it for.

At this point I want to go back in time, give myself a ringing slap, tell myself to stop being a moron and JUST FUKKEN BUY IT.

Anyway, for the amount of money this dress goes at the moment I'll never afford it, but some dream dresses will always stay in the dreams only. I did grab myself the same print as a skirt in rose though, so the story does have a happy ending!

Ok, this prints is more of a LOL I GOTTA GETS IT but hey, dreams come in many flavours. It's by ETC and I'm not sure of its name, but the kicker is the chocolate candy print - they're Finnish chocolate, Fazer's Marianne, one of the candy I grew up with. Coincidentally also one of my favourite chocolate candy ever. Oh ETC choco print baby... *grabby hands*

Better photo (with real colours etc) can be found for example here.


Mary Magdalene's Fraise Sleeve in this colourway only. Again, not sure if counts as a print. Was a dream dress, then by a lucky coincidence much like the one that got me my PC skirt I managed to snatch it. The only downside to this dress is that it's a really summery dress so its season is short - both the colour, motif and general airiness in the very literal sense stop me from wearing it during other times of the year.

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