Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Nature Themed Coordinate

I never knew I loved to build my coords around the theme of nature before I moved to Iceland but holy wow, with the kind of nature Iceland has I began almost immediately to either match the coords to the surroundings or even use some part of nature as influence. For far I've made coords based on f.ex. the following (you can click all photos larger if you like):

Ice and snow.

Heather-grown lava fields.


Snow on lava fields.

Lupin fields.

Just nature in general because look at that background ashdgJSHDGAJsajhda

Naturally I also do it with kitsuke - this one's autumn colours. They last here for maybe about a week before the storms arrive and tear all the leaves off the trees.


This time I wanted to try something I hadn't done before though, so snow and lava were out of question. Instead I went for sky. Iceland, due to lack of trees, seems unbelievably open and that combined with mountains makes the sky look like it's very near. It's also amazing and I know I'm risking to sound like ALL THE COLOURS OF THE SKY here a bit but hey, ALL THE COLOURS OF THE SKY! Behold:

Sky it is then, multicoloured and with fluffy clouds:

Overdress + skirt + necklace: selfmade
Shirt + gloves: vintage
Bonnet: Mrs Parker's Millinery & Mercantile
Boots: Bodyline
Belt: Mary Magdalene

 And a close-up of the front.

This was one of the most fun blog posts to make for the Lolita Blog Carnival! Others who partook in it are:

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  1. I absolutely love all your outfits! They look so beautiful on you and they are all very well coordinated. My favorites are the kitsuke outfit with the hat and the last one in the post. All the photos are so beautiful too. So many vibrant colors and well staged angles and poses. Such an inspiring post!


    Lady Lavender's Expressions

    1. Thank you! ^^ For the photos the creds go to Snu, the amazing photographer, and Iceland, the amazing backdrop! Once the weather gets a bit less gray and wet I want to plan another photoshoot at some new location. I've only lived here a little over three years but so far I can safely say that the stereotype of Iceland being an exceptionally beautiful country is very true. ^^

  2. Went there from your daily_lolita post the other day and promized myself to come back later for a comment. I just love the pairing of Lolita with wildness. Simple forests are fine and of course we are used to see them in Lolita photos, but you definitively have access to another level of nature there in Iceland! I like the lupin field photograph the best, because it really looks like the heights of some mountains. The angle of the photograph puts an emphasis on the idea of height. The thing is, strolling around in lolita in moutains in a hard effect to achieve. Unless you go there on your own, people will insist that you dress up "appropriately" (even when they're ok with your style otherwise). So I'm glad to see a coord in such place (or at least, what appears to be it) because it's such a great match! Oh and the lava coord was an other highlight of the post. Hard to beat lava's coolness.

    I love the grey sky coord, a great palette you have there. I'm not too fond of the chiffon bodice, could use a little structure, but that fabric is really suited to the skirt part, so fluffy!

    1. Aw, thank you for the nice comment! ^^ Here's a secret to the Icelandic mountains + lolita -combo: every single photoshoot area of the above pictures is easily accessible by walking. The lupin hills are really tall in reality but there's a pedestrian walkway right next to them so accessing the top of the hill is easy. Same goes to the lava photos, if you saw behind the photographer you'd see a parking lot! Nature is really close even when you're in the Capital City. :D

      Hmm, true about the bodice, it does sit a bit awkwardly... I'll keep that in mind in regards to this chiffon dress, thank you! :)