Saturday, 8 February 2014

Japan Festival 2014, cosplay!

Kaonashi was a popular character this year!

I'm always weak for Ghibli cosplay. Hi Kiki!

In fact I have many weaknesses when it comes to cosplay - SNK could be on top of the list as well...

(Pst does anyone have a photo of Sandra's cosplay? I failed to catch her but I'd really love to have a photo of it here because the outfit was rather good!)

Mwaha, I found another Iceland (yes we're both Iceland)!

I never knew Orochimaru could be so cute. Seriously, and apologies if this offends, but you are officially the cutest Orochimaru in existence!

I found a third Iceland. :D

Some NGE is also very relevant to my interests.

I lost some piece of my sanity when I saw these two - Kaguya-hime and Sakuya from Okami.

Gotta admire these two, that's amazing amount of work gone into the outfits.

Chrome Dokuro!

And an extra detail shot because props and people who see the trouble of making them are made of awesomeness. :3

Then for the winners of the competition - there were many, so apologies that I don't remember who won what and why... To my huge annoyance many photos that I took both during the competition and at the declaration of the winners came out blurry, so I only have a few and I think I'm missing some winners too. :( If you have more that you'd agree to let me post just drop me a note + permission to post your photos and I'll add them here.

 Sorry about the photo quality, I decided to post some of these despite the occasional blurriness.

Group photo time!

But yeah, from my place in the crowd I could only get these photos properly. I kind of wish I had more, plus holy hell I had no idea there were that many SNK cosplayers, any and all extra photos of them would be in great demand. *wink wink nudge nudge*

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