Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The problems of buying your cosplay online - the fit.

I decided to "closet cosplay" a little yesterday with the side idea of taking photos of said closet cosplay to see what needs to be improved. This has been one of my own worst cosplay flaws throughout the time I've been in the hobby: I put together an outfit with a piece by piece logic and don't actually try the whole thing on  properly before wearing it for the thing it's meant to be for. This results in lots of last minute fixes and the like, so this time I'll be a bit smarter for once.

I've had a gakuran for some time but I've never actually used it for cosplay because the original group it was intended for was canceled. Besides it's totally not the right size for me which is always the risk when you buy your outfit, or parts of it, online. Regardless it's a really awesome multiple use item so hey, better get it in wearing condition just the same! I'm also faced with my typical problem of having a really non-masculine bod and trying to look like a male animu character... wish me luck.


- The gakuran is huge on me. Not surprising: I have a disproportionately large butt so I had to order large pants just to be able to fit them. Sadly the company we bought them from also sent me a coat to match the size although we did try to place the order according to measures (which was an option offered at the web shop)... do they think I'll grow up to fill this thing, what?

- The glasses are wrong but I couldn't find the right ones in a hurry. Snu knows where the real ones are so this part is easy to fix.

- I need a wig and it has to be properly styled. The one I'm wearing here is borrowed from Snu's collection so obvy I'm not going to style it without permission. :Þ

- My hands are tiny. Considering gloves to fake some size to them, be it costume accurate or not.

- I also have really narrow shoulders (classic pear shape bod lol why do I even try to crossplay), so technically speaking it's not a bad thing that the gakuran jacket is large at that part - I just have to balance out the thing somehow so that it doesn't look like I'm swimming in it.

So far my plans include shortening the trouser legs and the sleeves; I'll also move the sleeve buttons up a bit. I'll see if I can take the jacket in at the back a little so that it won't look like a total sack, and whether I can shorten the hem of it just a leeeeeetle bit. Most importantly I need shoes that have thick bottoms + no heel/very little heel to give me some height, Nozomu's a leggy guy unlike poor me. I'm also considering narrowing the trousers a little. Not much, mind you, I don't want any extra attention to my buttsome butt.

I'll post comparison photos of the various parts of the fixing, so see you around! :D

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