Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rescuing a ratty hair extension.

Today is called öskudagur here in Iceland, and children will be going around dressed up in costumes, gathering candy from the stores. This is naturally a great season for flea market hunting because it's like they stock up for it. They probably don't but somehow they still had tables and racks full of costumes and materials a cosplayer or a lolita will easily find usable!

#1 find, this greasy, disgusting bunch of tangles. Regardless it seemed to be of good quality and therefore salvageable.

That's not to say it would be easily done though! It had so many knots its knots had knots and the texture was just as icky as you can imagine a flea market hair extension to feel like. HOWEVER:

I managed to make the above of the above-above! Here's how:

1) I washed the wig twice using shampoo. With second hand wigs you really want to get them clean! With tangled wigs its important to NOT rub it in but to squeeze the shampoo in little by little, section by section, to avoid tangling up the wig further. Rinsing should also follow the direction of the hair for the very same reason.

2) I let the wig soak overnight in a lotion bath. For this you can use any lotion you like, just see that it's definitely water-soluble. Add a handful of lotion to lukewarm water and stir/whip until it dissolves, super long wigs might need more. The wig has to be completely submerged in water and it's good if you can turn it a few times during the soak so that all sides get equal treatment.

3) I rinsed the wing a little but not too thoroughly, the lotion acts just like fabric softener bath would, making the ensuing brushing easier.

4) I pressed the wig between layers of towel and then left it to dry on top of it.

5) When it was dry it was brushing time! You'll want to avoid any brush that has a tendency of grabbing at hair, and preferably a flat shaped one instead of a cylindrical brush. Brushing should start at the ends and then you'll work your way upwards.

6) If there's knots that seem difficult, gently pull as much hair out of them as possible by tugging at the strands above the knot. Try to pry the knot apart into smaller knots and work each of them on their own. You may have to turn the wig/extension several times while you're doing this because once you get a layer brushed out you may find even more knots that were hiding underneath the initial layer...

7) Once the brushing is done is the time for styling if you want to do it. My own hair's straight so I just left it as is.

And then - trying-on time!

Whoah I've never had thick hair, this looked and felt amazing! :D

Hiding the top with a headdress that fits hilariously badly with the rest of my outfit. 

Side view.

So hey, a whole new hairpiece to my collection and it cost me 300kr, which is ~2€/2,70$. Add on the working hours and you'd get a whole larger price though, this took such a long time to fix that I'd easily add a zero and then double the price if I were to sell it. So yeah, sorting out a second hand wig is only for those who don't mind sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours, brushing out a seemingly never-ending mass of tangles... one day after my whole back wants me dead... -.-

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