Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The day the plants took over.

Later on as everything's done and finished with it's easy to look back and see what started it all. This time the culprit is seen in the photo above.

One morning last week I went to upstairs kitchen to borrow milk and saw this little fellow sitting on the edge of the table. The bright yellow of the flowers made a stark contrast with the less-than-stellar weather outside and made me think of my own potted plants and how their pots must be getting stuffy for them. A massive re-potting operation began. I don't have photos of most of my plants, in reality you'll just have to imagine my home as being partially overrun by plants ok (however, not in any comparison to my mother's level of plant hoarding, I swear one more rhododendron and she's living in an indoors forest).

Here's Snorri's plant, Snikt-Bub. Named by him of course and by the fact that when he bought it it only had five "claws" sticking up. Much has changed since those times as you can see, and we're currently expecting a fully grown Wolverine any day now.

The other one who fell victim to my decorating fever was but one leaf last year. The mother plant was busily suiciding for no apparent reason, so before that happened I plucked a few leaves, let them grow roots and planted them, and at least so far all the leaflets are in full health and enjoying life. :)

See that one on the left? It's from the same mother plant as the one before! This one I started from a small branch though so it got a bit of a head start but still... the babies, they grow so fast! Next to it are three saintpaulias, white, pink and purple in this order. Saintpaulias are my personal weakness and if I could I'd fill the whole apartment with them. Hmm, actually, since they can be grown from a leaf - ok this trail of thought is dangerous let's not go there.

I still have soil under one thumb nail and I'm eagerly awaiting the plants to get used to their new pots. We'll see if I could have some blossoming saintpaulias (OUR WHOLE APARTMENT COVERED IN THEM MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YES YES)!


  1. Now your apartment is protected from Zombie attacks! ò w ó

    I love plants, I wish they didn't die when I tried to take care of them T_T

    1. A few more plants and it'll be protected from the neighbour's cat too, hopefully! :D I was actually thinking the other day "hmm if I just put a large cacti in front of the window" but then I scrapped this idea because I'd just shove my hand into it every time I tried to open the window...

      The trick is to get a plant that likes the kind of care you know you're up to! The SO for example is really good with cacti etc. but I'm far too impatient and worrying to NOT water my own cacti to death. Saintpaulias, however, seem to enjoy the amount of care that correspondences to my regular "did I water that one yet?" thought pattern. :D