Thursday, 1 May 2014

Happy 1st of May!

This time of the year is absolutely wonderful. I love the sunny days best and for the 1st May we got the most perfect weather imaginable, sunny, warm and almost no wind. Since it's a holiday it demanded dressing up a little! That wig is a bday gift from the ever so awesome Mr Tea and it immediately became my favourite. :3

Dress: Gunne Sax
Bonnet: Mra Parker's Millinery & Mercantile
Socks: Innocent World
Shirt, gloves, boots: vintage

Then for some early summer feels. The weather has been beautiful for a week and by beautiful I mean the kind that Finns describe as "the weather's like a bride". It makes me want to take photos of everything, no matter how mundane, so here goes - have a little taste of ordinary life. :D

Some creative parking near Kólaportið.

Mountains far away. You can tell by the blue tone that they're actually much further than the photo would make you believe.

There's an Icelandic proverb that states "the farther the mountains the bluer they are". On its own it's a fact, but actually the proverb means "the further away from home you are the more beautiful it looks".

Oooh what's this?

Apparently her name is Hafsúlan.

Then for some crocuses because crocuses are magical. They're also bad-ass. You can freeze them stiff and they'll not care, you can freeze the ground they grow on and they'll just shrug. It can snow on them and they're unfazed.

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this!


Other plants in the garden are also showing signs of waking up. :3

These here are narcissus. They've been planted haphazardly all over the lawn on the side of the house, apparently at my SO's suggestion. It looks really charming when they bloom!

And here we have a part of my 1st May picnic meal! In Finland I would be going to Ullanlinnanmäki for the annual Vappu picnic but even if I can't there's nothing that can keep me from feasting on yummies to welcome the summer. :3


  1. I adore the coord, if I was a romantic teen of the 1970s I would totally cut its photograph from the magazine page this would have been featured. (I prefer me Gunne Sax not too japanized). That and crocuses should make for a good post.

    1. Gunne Sax dresses are almost fool-proof awesome! This one's really good for many styles and can be worn f.ex. in a mori-esque coord as well as a romantic light summerdress on its own. All my love to this brand! :3

      I will try and spread crocuses EVERYWHERE. ):D

  2. I absolutely love your Gunne sax co-ord. I have seen Gunne sax sewing patterns on eBay, but they always look so plain. Yours is beautiful! You always look so amazing in bonnets too. Sometimes than can seem to make you younger, but on you they are mature and wonderful accessory for any age. Also, CROCUSES!!! I personally had no idea that they were that hardy to weather situations.

    1. The pattern for my dress is actually quite simple too: what makes it work are the different prints with same background colour all added together and a tasteful amount of trimmings. Fashions like this kind of summer dresses is what should definitely come back form the 70's!

      Also thank you, I do love my straw bonnet in the summer (especially because I burn really quickly and a scalp burn is one of the worst)! I'm guessing it could be the fact that it's very plain in decoration that makes it less youthful -looking and easier wearable for me? I can wholeheartedly recommend the bonnet-maker.

      Crocuses, man. When you see them pushing through the snow starting occasionally as early as late March you gain a whole new level of appreciation for their toughness. Ours also get regularly trampled by kids and likely wee'd on by cats so I'm not entirely sure if there's anything aside of dragons that could kill them. :D