Friday, 26 September 2014

LBC: My Usual Lolita Make-up.

I'm 35.

I can't lie and pretend it doesn't show, because it, well, does. My skin is no longer as smooth as it was 10 years ago, my eyes are getting that weird sunken look typical for the women of my family and the lines are getting deeper (although to be honest I've had lines on my face since I was 13, one of the curses of dry skin). Doing my lolita make-up the same way I did it when I was in my 20's would be the worst mistake ever, because some things that a younger face can pull off will make my 35 years look 40. Well, that probably still wouldn't matter in daily life BUUUUT when it comes to lolita I want to avoid that, even if thinking so is shallow and vain. So here's this week's LBC entry on the theme of "My Usual Lolita Make-up".

Note that this mostly works for my own face and that your face will make demands of its own, so this won't be a proper tutorial I'm afraid... but if any of this is helpful to you then I'm happy! 

Apologies for the photo quality. :P

Anyways, my problem areas are as listed:

1. Dry forehead, an occasional pimple and wrinkles.
2. I'm getting slightly droopy above the eyelids. If I'm lucky with the gene lottery this will never become too bad a problem.
3. Massive black bags under eyes, especially in the mornings. They give me a gaunt look, which is not flattering.
4. Lines from my nose to the sides of my mouth.

I had to do the make-up extra thick to make it show properly in the photos so apologies guys I don't usually spread my make-up with a shovel! Arrows mark where I've put some lighter colour. I also have all the base works done underneath, save powder.

Anyway, I've found that using yellow tone in these areas works the best for me. My skin's kinda blue by default and it cancels out a lot of that.

Blending in the yellow pen, adding mineral powder. I have to use the lightest shade because I'm whiter than mayo where I'm not blue.

Blush goes here and in this shape, not under my cheek bones. I've got sharp features though the lack of light in our bathroom both softens my face and makes it super yellow (mum calls my face type "axe-cut"). Putting blush to the sides of the face will make me look really skeletorish, which is not a good look in lolita though it can be used for an intimidating "don't bother trying me"-look for partying downtown.

At this point I put on my beloved clip-on fringe so don't be surprised to see my hairstyle entirely change.

I only use pencil eyeliner for lolita. Liquid makes my features too sharp and mean. Possibly due to all those sharp angles I have a resting bitch face, so I have to keep that in mind when putting on lolita make-up and try to make myself look more... harmless. Or at least less like I'm about to bit the face off of the first person who talks to me. :D

My cam really captures the yellow here but I'm adding photos taken outdoors to the end of this post so you'll see how the make-up looks in natural light. I PROMISE IT'S AT LEAST LESS YELLOW HONEST HONEST AAAGH.

1. I don't have mascara on yet here so you can see how I actually curve the eyeliner down at the corners of the eyes, it gives a kind look.

2. I like to go over the eyeliner with eyeshade to make it look even softer. I use a dark shade directly over it, light shade over the lid and lightest shade above it. My eyes are really deep-set so I don't always add dark eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelid because it's kinda unnecessary.

1. I don't line my eyes below or wear fake lashes unless I'm going to have a photoshoot. When over 30 everything extra on the face is a minus, keeping the make-up as natural, simple and light as possible is the way to go. I do put mascara on the lower lashes though.

2. I don't always curl my lashes either. They turn down naturally which gives a kind look and works with the eyeliner. I would curl them for fake lashes though because lol @ double lashes.

3. Ok this might sound hilarious but I brush my eyebrows. :D They're bushy and unruly but I like them thick, so I try to pluck them minimally and just make do with other means.

As for lips I first line and fill them with a neutral tone lip pencil. I like going just a little bit over the lips.

Powder goes on next.

Then I apply lipstick but not to the whole lips. I apply a lighter shade on a larger area and use darker in the middle, makes them look soft and plump.

Cover with lip gloss and done!


Here's how it looks like in real light outdoors.

Annnd the other side.

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