Monday, 19 January 2015

Magic dough.

Fresh from the oven. The holes collapsed a little while baking...
I randomly came across an old friend while looking for something entirely different: taikataikina, magic dough. This stuff is what a large part of my childhood was made of. It's easy to make, the ingredients are cheap, definitely non-toxic, fun to work and the dough dries/bakes completely hard. It can then be painted, glued, filed etc. whatever you feel like doing with it - or you can mix some food dye into the dough before working it.


0,5 dl salt
1 dl wheat flour
0,5 dl water
1 tsp oil

Mix salt and flour together well. Add water, mix, add oil, mix. If you want to use food dye, add it now. The dough is ready for working! If it still feels sticky add a bit of flour, if it starts to crack add a little water. It's quite soft when ready, a bit like gingerbread dough.

Nipnops in the making? :D
Tips: it's good to rub a bit of cooking oil into your hands before working to avoid extra stickiness. The best tools I found were made of metal or wood, such as knitting needles and sewing needles. The dough dries if you don't keep it covered but it won't do it too fast, you'll notice when it's time to put the lid on. If you're making imitation food you can coat the pieces with egg just as if you were baking normally, it'll create a yellowish, warm glaze.

Once done let the items dry in 125°C oven for about an hour. If your items are on the larger side keep them in for a bit longer. Ready for paint/whatevers!

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