Saturday, 14 February 2015

A kimono day for the longest while.

...aaand of course it was snowing. Nothing to it, time to dig out a woolen kimono that could both battle the cold and not give a damn about the snow.

I'm a huge fan of Strawberry Kimono so this time I decided to try something she can pull off pretty flawlessly: tying the kimono shorter. It looks really elegant when she does it but alas I'm still going to have to practice it a bit. I do like the silhouette and how the shorter hem gives a bit of a 40's flair to the coord though.

Backside. That obi is super colourful and it's been ages since I last tried a "crazy" kitsuke, so I decided to just go all-out with it.

Snowy garden!

Hahah I walked a small path into the fresh snow, running back and forth between the posing place and my camera (the trials of self-timer and all).

Later in the day it was time to go hang out with some gal pals at the conveyor belt sushi restaurant downtown. By the way, Icelandic sushi has totally ruined sushi for me in most countries, because although the combinations that the local chefs come up with are unusual and occasionally just plain weird-why-would-you-do-this, there's no beating the taste of super fresh fish!

Besides sometimes those unusual taste combinations actually work brilliantly.

Happily building my plate tower. :3


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