Sunday, 22 February 2015

Let it snow, let it sn- oh fuk.

Today the weather got so bad that apparently people were advised to stay at home and not venture outside at all. Many roads are still closed, luckily ours was not but I'll not forget in a hurry how the bus swayed and shuddered in the wind! 

A bus stop iced with, well, ice and snow coming at you horizontally. The bus driver seemed a bit worried for us and asked if someone would be picking us up from our stop. After getting a tastie of the weather outside I'd say his worry had a good reason.

Marty tries to deal with it. :D That's the inside of the bus stop, they're supposed to give you shelter from the weather but I guess in Keflavík that's a futile attempt. Btw guess if it was any use to wear make-up or do your hair? HAH.

Nothing to it, so we started on our way. Emi and Lea soon came to meet us and all of a sudden a car pulled off and the driver asked if we needed a ride. We all hopped in the car full of gratitude and thankyous and got a bit easier rest of the travel than walking would have been. Helpful stranger, if you happen by this post one day, know that I'll be eternally grateful.

[insert hanging out with cookies, coffee, Mori and Ume (cats) and Nero (doge)]

Fun times happened but of that I of course have no photos so have more snow storm instead: here we're waiting for the bus back Reykjavík. The wall of snow is the bus stop and hole is simply carved into it so we could both stay in cover and still see the bus coming.

Emi and Lea...

...and the doge in a sweater! Cutest dog in the world, easy to friend with if you're eating a ham sandwich. :3

All in all great times were had, at least for the part that was spent indoors! A+++ would do again although next time it's probably a good idea to check the weather first. :D

(Photo by Marty.)