Monday, 28 March 2011

4. Favorite designers/brands?

Well now. This is an easy one.

#3. Victorian Maiden

I would love it even better if I could fit in it. ;^; As things are I'm doomed to merely stealing ideas from them for my own dresses. Their designs aren't foolproof, but when they do it right they really do it right with the simple cuts, flattering silhouette and the lovely toned-down colour combinations. Of course when they do it wrong, they - well, there's going to be an entry for that later in this meme.

#2. Innocent World

IW always seems to me a touch sweeter than VM, but they still fall into the classic style more than any other. I love their colours too, although their prints don't please me that much.

#1. Mary Magdalene

In all my life I've seen only maybe three or four designs by MM that I did not instantly like and I've been following them for at least five years or so. Any MM colour is an automatic win for me and what's even better, they rely on cut first and foremost. By my (admittedly shallow) experience I can also vouch for the quality of their products. The only problem is that MM, too, runs on the small side...

...#1. Irregular Choice

Wut they had to be lolita brands? Nah doesn't say so anywhere. Anygays, my love for IC shoes borders on hysteria and/or obsession so naturally it belongs here with MM. My dream pair is the Prom Princess, here pictured in the lilac colourway, but I would take them in any colour if I only could find a pair somewhere. Sadly they're long sold out and people aren't happy to sell theirs. If they do, the shoes are nearly always in shoddy condition and the demanded sum is ridiculous. I'm not averse to paying big money for my dream shoes but then they better be in pristine condition, thank you.


  1. Irregular Choice 8Q____ i want that last pair.

  2. Me toooo. Good luck to you too in finding them, I've been trying for several years of searching the eBay and many WTBs on the IC comm... IC should totally do re-releases too. :(