Tuesday, 29 March 2011

5. Most cherished items?

You won't get a photo of me wearing the strawberry yet, but the official one looks likely better anyway! :D The Bisque Doll OP has always been my dream dress. The Lolotte(?) by MM comes close but the hem of it is much simpler in design and seems a lot shorter.

Hmm, there's many that I cherish for various reasons, but I think my two MM dresses, my wa-lolita outfit by Tian Shi and my JSK and skirt+cape combo by Hui are the ones that come closest.

I refuse to explain this photo and I regret nothing!!!! Except perhaps for the boots. But I was a beginner back then, don't hate.

The reason for this is simple: I've always loved MM so naturally I get borderline hysterics when I get my grubby hands on one such item. On the other hand, the handmade dresses... well... it seems I have to admit once again to some not so pleasing part about my personality, but the reason is that besides being pretty they're also unique.

Skirt, cape and bolero all by Hui. Also in this picture: pretty curtains, wall decorations and the kaino pose.

Maybe all those years of making dresses etc. for myself had a hand in it or maybe I was always that way, but I came to like the feeling of being the only one wearing that dress no matter what the occasion. The most annoying thing for me would be to walk in a meet-up/teaparty/picnic/whatev and see someone else there wearing the same thing I had. I would definitely try to not let this show but just so you know, it's just a pretty facade over my tar black little soul and inside I'm quietly seething. Doing a twin with someone is naturally a different thing, but I'd only agree to doing an opposites -twin outfit, never an identical one.

The Duck. The moment I saw a photo of it I contacted Hui and pleaded her to sell it to me. I'm forever grateful that she did.

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