Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Coca-Cola kiosk.

I'll treat you again to some oddity-hum stuff that's a daily occurrence around here. This item is an old kiosk. It used to be located in a small park-like opening and was then illogically moved closer to the harbour where it now sits unused and sad. I'd love to hear just why the decision was made. The old place suit it better, it fit in there, and there hasn't ever been put anything in its place either. Now it's just plop in the middle of a square looking every bit like someone just left it there and forgot about it.

Some Coca-Cola advertisement on the sides.

And inside is... a mountain of flags. They're everywhere, on the table, all over the floor and then there are four white boxes to the right side that I can only assume have more of them inside. IDK why how what or who, IT IS A MYSTERY.

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