Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The day I altered my brand part 1.

Here be my JM plus a random fleamarket find that shared its fate.

I've had this Jane Marple shirt for years and years and years, cannot even remember when I bought it. Originally when I got it it was... let's say not quite in good condition. The seller had removed pieces of it with very little skill, cutting into the fabric of the shirt good many times, but back then there was no database and Mabet hadn't brought her little game into the community yet, so there was really not much one could do about it. You got screwed in trade, whoops, that sucks doesn't it.

Gratuitous proof photo.

Regardless of its flaws the shirt turned into a bit of a favourite. I'm not much for overtly frilly/lacy stuff and a simple, clean-cut no-lace peter pan collar shirt was easy to combine with whatever; it went with all my styles and ideas. I've tried unsuccessfully to find a similar shirt ever since then but alas, such shirts are hard to come by. All brands seem so keen on throwing up ruffle and lace all over their shirts. Apparently simple school-girl style shirts are not in vogue or something...


Sorry, I've gimped these photos a bit to better show the stains. IRL they're easily noticeable.

Sadly there's very little life left in the shirt as is. Besides the cuts in it, I've used it so much that it now bears ugly yellow sweat stains under the arms and on the back of the neck. The stains don't come out, I daresay I've tried every trick I could find, and there's no way I would even consider trying to sell anything this ratty. Yet at the same time I can't bring myself to throw it away. Wat do?


Drying: you can see the final colour on the upper part on the shirts: the hem and sleeves are still darker because they're wet.

And so I did. ATM the colour on both shirts is a little bit too light for my liking so they'll get another dye bath very, very soon. They'll also get brown buttons, the both of them, and the JM gets - lace. Alas. But unless I can come up with a better plan for hiding the damage on it I'll just have to deal with it. Anyways, stay tuned for part 2!

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