Monday, 21 March 2011

Striving for a happy birthday.

More dreams, this time a bit more realistic in that I might actually fit in in most of these. :D

I've re-found my love for brown. I remember liking it immensely at the very start of my lolita dressing, a time when people actually had discussions such as "can brown be lolita - HELL NO lolita is ONLY pink and white and black and maybe baby blue, too". Then again we also had discussions on clever topics such as "glasses aren't lolita but I'm blind without them, wat do", "I'm already 22, should I stop dressing in lolita" and "how can I wear lolita to gym" so maybe it was just normal, in what passes as such in the lolita world.


My birthday is looming ahead and to take my mind off it - I'm not 22 anymore ferserius - I'm planning a present for myself. But what do I want?

I definitely need brown or pink shoes, and probably a brown bag as well. I've been trying to look for a pair but sadly the only ones I've found in brown are either sold out or clunky and childish, and while I appreciate clunk as much as the next lolita I still look a bit funny with the style. Iceland actually has quite a good selection of loliable shoes but none in brown, for some random reason. The closest they come is mustard yellow and um, no.

As for the bag, this one's something I really do need to buy soon because my old one's falling apart. My problem is, though, that I'd like to use it for carrying my books as well, and that limits me quite a bit: can't go buy something that'll rip apart at the handles the moment I try to bring my dictionary to school.

However, there's still something else that tickles my fancy, headpieces. I'm lacking headdresses atm and the narrow, classic ones are so pretty they break my heart. However, I see no real reason to buy something I can make myself (lol) and headdresses, if anything, are more of a DIY project than something I'd like to spend lots of money on.

Bonnets are another recent fancy, however, not quite the same style of bonnet one often sees on egl and related communities; most lolita bonnets are silly and huge, and I don't need a spinnaker stuck on my head in Reykjavík winds ty.

However... there's always Mary Magdalene and their products of classic perfection. The shape of bonnet I love is something that sits close to the face. I love bonnets that are narrow and have a brim that points more forward than up. I also love the shape of the back of these bonnets.

Hmm. Decisions, decisions...

Disclaimer: all images used for illustrating this entry are merely ideas of what I tend to like a lot. None of them are actually what I'm thinking of buying, they're simply guidelines in style, gathered together for inspiration.
As if I actually needed to be specifically inspired for shopping but you know.


  1. middle
    left and right
    left and middle
    no frill

  2. Setting to work on them headdresses then! As for my birthday pressie for myself, I think I found just the thing I want. You'll see it one day.