Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My cups of tea.

Here goes, my collection of pretty tea cups. I've been collecting them now for about a year with the kind help of Puffin, who sometimes scored me some when I couldn't (because of being in Finland). I hope I won't bore you too badly, but I am intending to tell you something about them. :Þ

Let's start with the couple in front: they're identical save the colour. One is green and one is blue, the only mark hinting on their origin is a golden H on the bottom.

The mint colour cup in the back is one of my favourites. It caught my eye by being simple and cute and very, very beautiful in hue, so I did the usual: bought it, went home, turned it upside-down and
Made in Finland.

The bird cup front and

back. When Snu first sent me a photo of it I immediately knew I had to have it. Flawed, the handle has been broken off and then glued back, you can see the seam in the lower photo. Stamped Sophienthal, Fein Bayreuth, Germany.

A very pleasing motif, and I love how it goes around the cup and plate. Them Germans really know how to make appealing tableware!

The cutest thing about this cup cannot actually be seen in the photo: it's tilted slightly to the side so that if you look at it from the side it's not completely horizontal! Stamp is letters TOA inside a diamond shape. Btw everything that seems white in the photo is in fact iridescent pearl.

Another one of my favourite pattern placement. Stamp says GKC Bavaria.

Gold flower cup front

and back. Stamp says Bucka & Nissen dekoreret 1 Denmark. Love the raised border.

Now I only need a suitable tea-party to get them some use. By some use I mean other than just me, because much as I love each individual cup, seeing them in a big group is somehow really awesome. This is especially because they're all different. I'm not certain why but I find a collection of assorted cute cups much more endearing than full sets. 

I've been meaning to make more lolita related entries but I'm not certain what I should start with... is there anything you'd particularly like to see/read about? 

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