Monday, 7 March 2011

You built what on what where how why?

Ok, so I promised to show you what "whimsical" really means when applied to architecture, Reykjavík-style, and now I shall deliver. Fru Berglaug can begin this because a) she's probably the least strange among the crowd and b) she's also rather charming, even if the window placement sort of looks like a game of Tetris.

Somehow I imagine the builders suddenly finding a pretty balcony railing, glancing at each other and then making a hole in the wall all without a single comment.

Aaaand this is what we would call houses piled atop each other. A bit like a giant baby had been at play with his toy cubes.

"Let's see, I want a beautiful carving decorating the side triangle, a nice cut-out work done at the corner, the door must be elevated and I want all these windows in that are from my childhood home, summer cottage, my dad's birthplace, the little shack where we first met and these small cute ones I bought at Kolaportið, you can decide where you want them put, oh and I want the house to have a flat roof."

I tried to come up with something witty to say about this but alas I'm well and truly speechless.

Ok, this mystery puzzles me still. Why have one wall full of windows and the next one either completely blocked or having just an odd few?

I keep wondering if there's still rest of the window left behind that extra porch they made...

Again, I wish I had heard the discussion that lead to this window placement.

I'm sure this made a world of sense back when the architect first drew it...

These are merely a select few that got on the way of me & my camera. Trust me, this is Reykjavík downtown, strange, asymmetrical, spontaneous, colourful little houses stacked upon each other or hidden in between bigger ones. You really have to see it yourself to fully get the idea. I'd also like to mention that since this country is in deep depression it's very, extremely tourist friendly and wants your money. See you!

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