Friday, 11 March 2011

OMG egg molds!

THIS JUST IN I got the above egg molds from J-list a while ago! They seem to be working just fine, only I need to learn to peel eggs nicely if I want my bunny and bear eggs nice and whole. Anyway, this is how you use them:

1) Boil eggs. Select as big ones as you have for maximum effect.
2) Put the eggs into cold water so that the peel comes off nicely, but remember to peel them while they're still warm.
3) Place egg in mold, close mold, put into fridge for 5 min.
4) ???????


  1. That's so cool! XD
    Umm, I don't know Finnish, so I'm just goingn to press, uh, ... "Lähetä kommentti" now because it's in bold, and see what happens.
    Ok nothing happens, except, I seem to have forgotten to, uh... "Valitse profiili". I'm gonna go with google-tili, just because. We'll see where that leads.

  2. Ok apparently I did this right. Yay!

  3. ...

    You know, it never occurred to me that my blog was set in Finnish! Wooooooow I'm well aware of that I'm a bit of an idiot but sometimes I even surprise myself! :DDDDD

    And yes, yes they are. ):3