Thursday, 10 March 2011

Wardrobe post.

As requested, here's my relatively modest lolita wardrobe (meaning that most of my items are either thrift finds or self-made). Apologies for the quality of the photos: our apartment is literally in the basement - a fairly usual Icelandic way of living, underground, and that's not the only hobbitty thing they do but I'm going off on a tangent now am I not... yes, the downside is that we have very little natural light. I'm taking qkuu's advice to better the image quality but even though there's improvement, it's still not very good.

Starting with the brand dresses: two etc jsks.

Mary Magdalene owns my soul. Heh, it sort of looks like the Bisque Doll op is pinching the strawberry dress' butt.

These two I love to death: both are made by Hui Lai Lee and well, let me just say that with her you'll always get your money's worth and more when it comes to quality and construction. The green skirt + cape combo came with a matching hairbow, more about that later on.

A nameless mint green OP I bought on a whim, the R-series long jsk and one of my favourite prints ever, Bodyline's Love Nadia.

All self-made. The top left corner one is quite old - my Aerosmith embroidery JSK. It's even seen one Aerosmith concert! XD

Here are the two new ones I posted earlier on. The stripy grey one has a collar that can be raised up or tucked in, or even made into short butterfly sleeves. I'm also making a matching headpiece for it, complete with a puffin. 
The beak in the back of the photo belongs to my Mr Humberto, all connections to the book Lolita are hopefully coincidental. Hopefully. I can't know, Snu named him.

These veer off into lolita inspired otome, self-made again.

Ok, can you tell I love dresses? These two are vintage finds from Rokk og Rósir on Laugavegur in downtown Reykjavík. It's really easy to find: if you ever happen to travel here it's definitely worth a visit.

Short sleeves: Anna House, the above is Jane Marple and below Miho Matsuda.

A random bunch of thrift finds, self-made etc.

Cardigans, all off-brand. The green one in the top row is by Hui and colour matches the green skirt + cape + hairbow combo perfectly.

Shoes: Dinsko and two pairs by Bodyline. I've others that I sometimes combine with my outfits but as they aren't particularly lolita as is I'll leave them out.

As for socks, sorry, I don't really use them. I've got short, muscular legs and tights suit me better.
(There's three pairs of socks in this photo: one ankle-length pair, two over the knee, all others are tights.)

What goes on the head? Weeeeeeellll anything really. I don't have headdresses because at one point I was well fed up with them, but now I'm getting interested in them again so I might be making some more. Bows were never really my thing so I only have those that come with a certain outfit.

Jewellery, half bought, half self-made or at least self-modified.


  1. your wardrobe isn't modest at all, it's amazing! everything looks so gorgeous ♥ and omg strawberry dress * A *

  2. ...aaand we'll try again, this time with less typos. Either I totally fail the internets or the new migraine meds seriously mess me up. Oh well. -.-;

    I guess you're right, going by the amount of items it's not modest at all. However, my wardrobe tends to be heavily self-made, so it does not quite count as the same - making clothes myself means I get them for a) cheaper and b) faster, therefore allowing me to build a bigger collection at less time and expense.