Thursday, 7 April 2011

9. Lolita Fashion rule you never break?

Any new colour you add to an outfit ought to be repeated elsewhere in the outfit unless there's a large amount of the colour you chose. An OP or a JSK can be thoroughly black and matched with other colour/s the outfit won't necessarily need more black in it, all depending how simple you want to keep things. However, I've seen people break this rule and still get simply amazing results, so remember I'm only talking about the rules I, personally, would not feel confident enough to break.
(I'm not talking about getting the exact same hue, just getting the same colour. Thought to clarify.)


Avoid using a too large petticoat under a dress or a skirt. Less Poof looks better than Packed Tight with Tulle.

My apologies, Tuksu is no rori. I just felt this picture really illustrates my point.

The make-up should go according to the outfit and if in doubt, less is more. Heavy make-up works best for gothic and aristo -styles and can look dramatic with shiro as well, but it's more often than not a great mistake to try to apply it to sweet styles or Bob forbid, classic. Even a gothic style does not necessarily demand Manaface, it can be done with very little make-up as well.

The last one only has to do with photos. Never, ever overdo the photo manipulation, especially on the face! Some amount is needed of course, but poreless, smooth ~*vannpyric*~ porcelain skin only looks like bad photoshop.

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