Friday, 8 April 2011

10. Never caught wearing?

Whoooo boyyyy. I have any amount of things I wouldn't be caught dead wearing, but they're all to do with either my personal taste or that the items in question simply don't suit me, so once again no real truths anywhere in this post, stop looking.

Underbust. I'm quite flat but this cut somehow manages to make me look like a milkmaid.

In fact, anything that specifically accentuates the breasts. This makes me sad because MM's Cordelia is so beautiful, but I know the cut simply won't do me any favours.

Busy prints. Personal dislike for my own style, looks amazing on people who know how to wear it.

Large bows on belly. It tends to make me look pregnant. This has a lot to do with both the size and shape of the bow, and not every bellybow is bad.

The "blue-bell" shape skirt. Makes me look pregnant as well.

Clunky and/or childish-looking shoes. Even though they're super cute. Slender heels (not thin ones, mind) and narrower toes suit my style better. Exception to this rule are my Bodyline boots that are just beautiful and that's the end of that. :D

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