Thursday, 21 April 2011

Great street art part 1.

So yes, street art. There's quite a lot of it downtown Reykjavík, and like always, most of it is crap. And by crap street art I mean random tagging and graffitti that's so lame in technique it just makes you think of all the places in the world where seeing such "art" usually means it's only there because that particular area doesn't care enough to clean it off.

However, I love good street art. Reykjavík has plenty of that, too, and here's the first batch I got, the glitteries. Starting with the waterfall. Some pieces have already gone missing but it's still pretty impressive.

The lava drop better shows the construction: tiny little round pieces that are light enough to move in the slightest wind.

The effect is a lovely, glimmering surface I could stare at for ages. Here's the glacier and a good idea of how it looks like when it's moving.

The rest of the wall. My personal tastes go strongly against those pink parts and the random dude but otherwise I do like it a lot. Just so you know, I'm well aware it took some talent and skill to make them pink parts too, I just think the rest of the art is on gear five in creativity and vision.

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