Saturday, 30 April 2011

Pictures of Breiðholt.

The exams aaaaaaare oveeeeerrrrrrrrrrr! As a result I'll probably become even more active about my blogs, now that I no longer have to remember stuff like "spurði spurðir spurði spurðu spurðuð spurðu spyrja spurði spurðum spurt" and this is making me extremely happy!

I'll now show you more photos from my home area, Breiðholt. Btw a person from Breiðholt is Breiðhiltingur. I know because I studied it for the exa* ok I'll punch myself from now on whenever I even think of the exams.

The first photo is from down the hill where I live. There's a strange childrens' playground in the middle of nowhere, a charming little brook and two bridges across it side by side. My guess is that someone in the city planning department likes bridges a lot.

The weather's been very Icelandic the past few weeks. Sunshine - nowait, tornado - nowait, snowstorm - nowait, sunshine. As a result I've got any amount of photos of meltwater!

Kitttyyyyyyy! Reykjavík is a cat town and Breiðholt makes no exception even though here houses are large and grounds for dog walking are brilliant. Cats, all sizes and colours, walk about freely and annoy people whose gardens they consider their sandboxes. They're also very nice and friendly cats which makes me think people generally have a calm attitude towards them.

As you can see, this one stayed and posed for photos! I admit I know very little about cats but to my general knowledge most cats don't like it if you stuff a camera in their face.

Mountains in the distance. I still can't believe they're real. They look like a huge backdrop.

Clouds. They're often very pretty.

More mountains with what I like to call lazy clouds. Lazy clouds can't be bothered about gliding on the sky, they'll just lay on stuff and if they need to move they crawl along the ground.

You can see the sea from Breiðholt. And seagulls. Now more and more as summer approaches.

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