Sunday, 1 May 2011

An outfit post.

It's snowy outside. This coord is from about a week ago but I'm considering that dress again. It's made of thick fabric and it's long...

JSK: R-series
Shirt: fleamarket find, I dyed it light brown myself.
Shoes: Fornarina
Corsage: selfmade


  1. that's a gorgeous dress! i must say also that dark hair really suits you well ♥

  2. Absolutely an adorable coord! Also.. R-Series, they have some mighty jackets I would love to adopt too T^T~ May I ask through what sites you ordered your JSK? (Since I have managed to find only one site that sells stuff from R-Series U__U.)

  3. insertcake: thank you, now that my blonde days are over and done with I cannot help but agree 100%. For some reason I never know what suits me before I've tried everything else first. :D

    HajaMiel: glad you liked it! Alas, I bought this dress from egl_comm_sales, so I don't think I can help. I do remember seeing some shopping service advertise R-series regularly though, wonder which one it was... then again it's very likely it's the one you're talking about.