Monday, 4 April 2011

Piggy banks.

New piggy banks! The old collection before the arrival of these five looked like this:

They're the old, small type of Postipankki piglets. Originally they came in so many colours I've no idea how many more there are.

Anyway, here's some interesting details. The piggy on the right is a new one. I bought it because the font on its bellyband was different but when I got it I noticed it's also orange in colour, not red as I had thought. It cannot be a colour flaw either (if you look at my collection photo you see two pigs that are pink and peach - one of them is a colour flaw but they're meant to be the same) because the difference is so big.

Here's the two new golden pigs and the one I already had in the middle. That one's matte, the others are bright gold. The one on the right is the oldest, hailing from a time when the name of the bank was still Postisäästöpankki.

It's different in shape compared to the other two. First look at the legs in the previous photo. Then come back here and look at the tails.

Another interesting thing is that the texts change sides. Here's the right side, old one's got text in Finnish, new on in Swedish...

...and the left side naturally has them the other way around.

The red and orange are even stranger, with the red having the name of the bank in Swedish but the orange having just the word "Goldpiglet", the name of those piggy banks and also a children's club that operated within the bank. Same switch of languages too.

The other side.

For those that don't know the whole sob story, I used to collect these as a kid until the neighbour's teenage boys broke into our house and failing to find any real money stole our piggy banks and broke them. The bank had ceased making this old model by then so I was SOL and tried to forget about it. I think I still have that one see-through yellow piggy bank they didn't completely total... yes, I do think I do. Whoops derailment sry, I meant to continue that I started collecting them again last autumn and this is how far I've gotten now. Not bad I say, not bad at all!

PS All you Finnish readers: if you happen to have these Postipankki/Postisäästöpankki piggies in other colourways, fonts, texts etc. than these ones here, drop me a note if you're willing to sell. I'm only interested in the small model with the bellyband though: the newer model isn't half as cute... :þ
I'm also interested in the retro version of Sampo. I heard a rumour that they now give out the smaller bellyband piggy again. I can't personally find out whether this story is true or false, but should someone have any of those piggies I'm very willing to buy, as long as the model is the same one.


  1. Mulla on pieni, valkoinen possu, jonka jalat on harallaan. Sen saparossa on reikä, johon kiinnittyy avainrenksu, ja kyljessä näkyy kärrynpyörää muistuttava, sininen logo. Onkohan tää possu sukua noille mitä sä keräät, vai onko se ihan eri pankin yksilöitä? :O

  2. These are somehow so freaking cute. And i remember an ugly green one from my grandparents' old home. I think i also got one when i was really little but don't remember its color.

  3. Caramea: on se, se kärrynpyörä oli Postipankin logo. Ei sattuisi olemaan valokuvaa, uteliaisuus heräsi heti...? :O~

    Asio Otus: truer words haven't been spoken. They are darn cute! Greens are hard to find btw, took me ages and a lot of luck to find my two green ones. :3

  4. Ei satu olemaan, mutta voin joku päivä napsaista kuvan sulle. Kommentoin sitten sillä hetkellä uusinta postaustasi ja laitan linkin kuvaan siihen, niin sun ei tarvitse kytätä tätä postausta haukkana, että koska se Cara suvaitsee napata kuvan possusta. :D

  5. TOINENKIN POSSUKERÄÄJÄ! Mun kokoelma on huomattavasti pienempi, mutta aloitin aika vasta. Sampo tosiaan jakoi niitä uusversioita viime keväänä kolmessa eri värissä :D

  6. Voi jumpe, tietysti ne meni multa sivu suun... ;^; no onneks on toi oranssinpunanen sentään. Tarttee vaan stalkkia ahkerasti huuto.nettiä jos löytäisin lisää, ja PS muhun voi ja saa ja pitää ottaa yhteyttä jos on myymässä possua jonka väristä ei kuvissa näy, ostan! :D