Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Some pretty shoes.

Shoes at the window of... was it Kronkron? Or just Kron? It's on Laugarvegur anyway, for those who are interested and wealthy.

I could think of ways to include these shoes in a loli-esque outfit, oh I could!

The only problem, at least style-wise, is that the designer of these shoes loves colour a lot and wants as many different kinds of it per shoe as humanly possible. This makes the shoes very wearable for Icelandic ladies - they're rocking them like supermodels, usually wearing nothing but black with them.

Sadly the same idea does not work well with loli. Still, those rose shoes in front are to die for and would easily work (such a rarity, only three different colours - no wait, four - or five - you know what, nevermind) and they would already be mine if it weren't for one thing, the price. I know, shouldn't whine, design costs a lot and is only meant for those who can afford it, plain and simple. But oh how I wish they would be mine! Sad jelly is sad.


  1. Noi ruusukengät selvästi kuuluu mun vaatekaappiin.

  2. Niillä on sellanen vaikutus ihmisiin. Nyt kun repäset jostain kolmisensataa egeä niin ne on sun! :D