Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Great street art part 2.

Back to the earlier subject of street art: personally I would support street art wholeheartedly if it only meant something else than random tagging and 80's style graffiti in two colours. As things are I'm reduced to quietly seething at the mess, and any and all creative and skillful ones make me want to stop and take a photo. Which is exactly what I did. 

The idea of this one and the one above may not be clear at first, but they're done in chalk on a building that very much seems to be made out of blackboard. Creative and thoughtful! Had to take that photo immediately because one rain and it was gone.

I don't know why this one touches me as much as it does. It seems to sit so well within its surroundings, a deserted area full of rubble. Usually such areas with paintings on the walls look somewhat faceless, but this little tree somehow makes the whole place seem lighter.
Hate the tags on it though. Some people have no grasp on proper street art etiquette.

IDK, this little corridor looks a tad naiive and I fell in love immediately. I love the simplified colouring!

I'm trying to figure out how many people were working on it. Three? Four?

A raven flew out.

I guess another one left through the first floor?

This one's just breathtaking. It's at a place you'd least expect to find anything so cool. Here the other artists have - thankfully - respected the piece. I don't understand why anyone would even think of messing up someone else's work, but maybe I'm just too much a 80's child myself, I don't know... I just remember the one key rule being hammered in at early age: you leave others' work alone. Some walls were considered everyone's playing ground and there you could paint on old stuff, but even then you left the paintings on for months first. And the art going on top wasn't going to be just some lame tagging! Grumble grumble kids these days...

This one is high on a wall, out of reach of people who disagree with coat-of-arms with cats on.

An acorn next to the lava drop on Laugarvegur. There actually is a random thing sticking out of the wall there, love it when people use their surroundings in their art!

I admit I have little idea of what's going on here but it does look epic.

Another favourite, on a what one might call "everyone's playground", the group of abandoned houses in the middle of the city centre. Hey, fair game, if those houses are just going to be left there for rotting anyway their owner prolly doesn't care too much. In fact, I think most of this work is legal. You don't just paint a whole frigging wall without anyone noticing after all.

And here we have an example of people painting over each others' work with at least some amount of respect, as the work underneath has been left alone for months if not years before the addition of new stuff. Nothing particularly special here except for one thing that makes up for the rest:

...this. The text says: "Just smile and hope for the best!"

The other side of the same opening shows more stuff, this time I can actually like most of it.

The wall of a shop selling musical instruments! Wuuuutttt? :D

Ahahahahaha gotta love this one! Looks to be an ad but still, well played!

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