Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Birds of Breiðholt.

Birds here are altogether too brave for their own good, which makes taking photos of them easy. Well, sometimes. There is one exception among the birds that live here but more about him later on.

Two blackbirds. At least I think they were blackbirds.

Swans are aplenty but usually we don't see them here. Sometimes they fly by on their way downtown though.

Seagulls, however...

Seagulls leave town in the fall and return in the spring. Ravens spend the winter but leave for the summer. The time they coincide to both be around is marked with constant fighting, and because one raven among the others is a rather... special fellow, it's the seagulls that tend to lose.

Of course we also have those marvellous men in their flying machines.

Geese. This is the only type of bird I do not want to see around here. They're big, aggressive and poop a lot.

Ok, now let's talk about the one special bird here, our raven Kronkku. I gave him the name because that's how he sounds like. Kronk... kronk... kronk... he sings in a slow and almost deliberate manner. He's louder than all the rest, and no wonder since he's also clearly the biggest of them and fat, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, the king of Breiðholt! He's mean enough to beat up a whole flock of seagulls! Cheeky enough to try to tear a trash bag apart when I turn my back to it! And clever enough to avoid being photographed: I've tried snapping a photo of him gazillion times but he always realizes it and flies away at the last moment.

Sharpening his beak. You may not see it but while taking these photos I was gradually inching closer to him, trying to seem like a usual passer-by and not a photographer at all.

Haha! Shame his wife wasn't with him this time, you can't really tell his size (at least from a photo) unless you compare.

Off he goes. Yes, he noticed my camera and evacuated scene, but this time he was a little too slow and a little too careless and I got my photos.

These trees are often full of little birds of all kinds: blackbirds, robins, thrushes, starlings etc.

Another one. I love taking photos early in the morning, that's when most of the birds are here.

This starling is actually a city centre dweller, but this is how brave the birds are. I was literally standing right next to it and got several photos before it flew away, and it only did that because a bully seagull came along.


  1. Such glorious birds!! I'm super jealous ;___; I want birds everywhere... with great birds comes great poops

  2. No doubt you'll love the bird pond downtown then, it's teeming with geese! -.-
    I've got photos of those birds too. Just you wait.