Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lolita transformation.

So yes, once upon a 1st of May we had the weather go trololo on us like this. I had been wanting to wear lolita and would not back down, regardless of snow and ice and whatevs, but I did change my plans for exactly what to wear. Therefore my R-series long dress got more action, being the warmest of what I have, and I decided to do a lolitransformation!post. Again I'm way too late to post it in the main comm so I'll just leave it here k.

Yours truly in all her morning beauty! Note the exceptionally bad hair day and that apparently I wore Snu's T-shirt by accident. No wonder he couldn't find it later on, whoops.

Next: undies things! :D Agagagagh those leggings look like the worst coord item ever but I had a very specific idea, and that was wanting to avoid losing my legs to frostbite.

Make-up and hair done. Much better!



JSK: R-series
Shirt: fleamarket find
Boots: Rose Chocolat
Bag: Estée Lauder
Brooch: made by blondedebates (LJ) on a craft exchange
Corsage: self-made


  1. Aah jotenkin tää koko asu on vaan täydellinen: hiukset, paita, mekko, kengät, laukku ää täydellistä! :D

  2. Kiitos kiitos, siihen tähdättiin! :D