Friday, 13 May 2011

Eurovision 2011.

I'm currently RAGEing over the entry and comments that were removed during the Blogger down-time so how about I blog about Eurovision now because that would make me feel better? I can? Can I? I can?

I almost feel like apologizing for liking the Eurovision Song Contest but seeing how openly serious Icelandic are about it, how about I'll just be embarrassingly fangirly about it instead? In any case, this is a rare year in that I actually like the Finnish song. It's cute, naïve, yes, but sincere as well. Paradise Oskar gives me instant insulin shocks without even trying to and I loooove his shirt (which is naturally very important when it comes to a song contest)!


However, and perhaps surprisingly perhaps not, my other favourite for this year is Iceland's Sjonni's Friends with their song Coming Home. I'm thoroughly miffed by the change of language though! The original version was in Icelandic and I'm sad to notice that the translation didn't manage to bring out half of the whimsical feeling of the original, but maybe they're just trying to score points by having people actually understand the lyrics, who knows. I'm sorry, the English translation sounds pretentious in comparison, there I said it.

Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow! Until then I hope Blogger stays together and if they try to pull something like today's mess, well, FTN.

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