Saturday, 14 May 2011

Great street art part 4.

My entries still haven't come back, and if they won't do that until next week I'm so re-posting my dress photos, even though you all saw them already. My apologies for that in advance and onwards to other, more interesting things, namely more awesome street art I found downtown Reykjavík! 

One friend of mine was actually involved in the making of this mirror Iceland somehow - or people at her school or something, truthfully I'm a bit hazy on the details. Hjálp mér Heiða! In any case it's a brilliant piece of work and the photo does no honour to how it looks like in reality.

Very near it I found yet one more glittery! This seems to be even more lava and it's a huge piece, I've no idea how I managed to not see it before.

Here, the whole thing.

Annnd then this baby parking lot. :DDDD It totally cracked me up. You see, in most Nordic countries it's A OK to leave your child sleeping outside of a cafe in their pram while you go have a cuppa. (Hey, did you know the word "pram" is actually just a shortened version of "perambulator"? I didn't and now I'm rolling in my chair!) It's not considered dangerous or bad parenting, quite the contrary: babies sleep better in fresh air after all. Any season is good enough for a baby to nap outside. In the winter you just dress them up nice and warm. F.ex. I slept the beginning of my life in about -10 degrees due to the fact that April 1979 was freakishly cold and the following winter I slept in even colder climate with the temperatures falling below -30C.

Ah well. I'm planning to bake Japanese bread for tonight's Eurovision viewing, so wish me luck! The recipe is one of the most complicated I've ever tried, although knowing my kitchen prowess this means absolutely nothing. Tang zhong done, now I'm just waiting for it to sit a couple of hours before I can continue.


  1. Ihanaa kimallusta 8Q___ Kaikkea ne luovat ihmiset keksii. Talolta putoavaa glitterlaavaa...

  2. Niiiiiiiiiinpä! Ja noi on luonnossa vielä kauniimpia! Kelaa kun asuisi tollasen naapurissa...