Sunday, 29 May 2011

Internet, I have spent money.

I have given in to temptation lately, much and often, and here's a small part of my sins now on display for your amusement! :D
Shortly put: some time ago Cinnamonhusky showed me her newest find, an awesome pair of pink sneakers, that she bought from Seppälä, a Finnish cheap random goods store. This caused much lamenting because I would have wanted some, but how to get. Then rode to rescue my now eternal hero, Cinnamonhusky's Shopping Service and I'm this close to posting a glowing review of her on egl.

Excellent communication! Very reasonably priced! The shoes arrived well-packed and they fit me perfectly!

I would end it with "I couldn't be happier, would definitely use her services again (if she wouldn't mind, that is)!"

To commence with the theme of assorted photos from my daily shoppings, here's three of my new babies. :3
I'm still feeding coffee-water -mix to that gardenia and it seems to be absolutely loving it. I found out that gardenias are actually related to coffee, I wonder if that's why...?

Kolaportið the fleamarket includes also a food market on the side, and right now razorbill eggs are in season. Naturally when I saw them I wanted to try them, so I bought two. For size comparison I put a Finnish egg (a Mignon egg that is, but they're made in real egg shells so they count), a brown Icelandic monster-size egg and two razorbill eggs side by side.

After boiling I cracked them open and found out some interesting things. Number one, the shell of the egg is much more fragile than that of a chicken. However, the thin membrane underneath it is strong and leather-like, and greatly helps you peel the egg. The egg itself is different too. The yellow is a bit more orange than a chicken's, and the white is blueish and slightly transparent. It's also harder to chew, and the taste of the yellow has a hint of peanut in it.

Here's some more shoppings then. A troll book in Icelandic that Snu bought for me from Kolaportið. A pair of seam socks, because I love seam socks. Two fabrics that'll end up being a skirt, mark my words.

And my favourite part of the haul. Killer shoes and some candle decoration I'm planning to modify and stick in my hair.
By the way, the shoes cost 500kr. That's 3€.

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