Monday, 30 May 2011

Ice Cream ETC.

Hoo boy I've waited to wear this dress! Like that strawberry MM, I view this dress strictly as a summer dress, although here the most important reason is the thin, light cotton fabric the dress is made out of. The print of course is very summery as well, sundaes sundaes all the way (although Icelanders don't make any difference about ice cream regarding the season, they eat it no matter what the weather).
Another thing that's kept me from wearing it is that the zipper was broken. Yesterday morning I finally fixed it, but as the new zipper's too turquoise to my liking I'm going to change it again soon. Once I stock up on zippers again, that is.

Cropping a bust pic for the roses plus two example of how the non-stop wind we have can get in the way of taking a good photo.

Outfit rundown:

JSK: Emily Temple Cute
Shirt: fleamarket find, dyed brown by moi due to heavy yellowing.
Shoes: Bodyline
Rose barrettes: selfmade
Necklace: I put it together out of two necklaces that I may have bought from Accessorize if memory serves.
All else: random finds.

I shall now commence to give you a proper wailing with this charming little red  and only slightly wilted tulip. 

Later I added a coat because downtown is always colder than Breiðholt. Coat is from H&M. Tulip is from R whom we chanced to meet in the way.

Hahaaa, someone's continued this street knitting!


  1. Ah ruskeaxsininen on paras yhdistelmä!! :O <3

  2. Näin on! Oon muutenki innostunut käyttämään ruskeaa asusteitten värinä, katotaan jos tästä saisi aikaan vaikka jonkun kivan mekonkin vielä. :D