Sunday, 15 May 2011

My favourite days are like this.

Another outfit post! Everything from fleamarkets except for the hat, which my dad gave me, the corsages that are from Bodyline's boots (lol) and the dress which could be from Ginatricot if memory serves. The bag is Estée Lauder but I did get it from Kolaportið, so...

You know those sunny days when the sunlight is hot and the wind is cool? In other words, perfect days?

Back home I would say something like "it's like a bride outside", a Finnish saying that compares an exceptionally beautiful day to the beauty of a fully decked bride.

Just look at that sea!

For some extra lols here's me wardrobe malfunctioning. Note the shoes. :3


  1. I love your outfit! As always, your style is so quirky and charming. I also really like the saying "It's like a bride outside", some lovely days really seem like that.

    By the way, I meant to ask you, were you living in England before you moved to Iceland? Sorry to be nosy!

  2. Thank you, and not at all! I have been living in England, one year, as an exchange student in the UCE. Alas, I didn't like Bham than much, but I got a chance to travel a lot, what with having friends who came from all over the country and could put me up for a couple of nights. I got to study a loooot about fashion, especially British, and that still shows in my outfits, I think.

    I also visited as many castles and stone circles as I could, which apparently weren't as amazing to my British friends than they were to me. :DDD