Friday, 20 May 2011

The rapture is coming!

Naturally, since now might be my last chance, I need to make a post of lots of stuff so that it gets done. This is my outfit today, for starters, and rundown goes:

Skirt: vintage
Roses in hair and necklace: selfmade.
All the rest is random offbrand.

Remember yesterday's unfortunately blurry photopost? Well, you couldn't see it in the photos but this was how my make-up looked like.

Aaaaand here's my gardenia. It's blooming and the whole room has this lovely scent in it that you notice the first thing when you walk in. In fact, I forgot to water it for one day (it seems to like a small amount of water every day) and it was going to drop its buds, but then I gave it a bit of coffee and ta-dah! 

This is not flower cruelty btw. Gardenias like slightly sour water, and tap water is not really their thing. I would have added lemon juice but we didn't have any, and then I randomly thought "but hey, coffee's sour - and don't they use it for watering plants?" and diluted about one tenth of coffee to nine parts of water.

At least the gardenia seems to absolutely love it and decided to not only open another flower but to start growing even more buds. If we both survive tomorrow I'll get you more photos as the buds open (or not, if the gardenia decides to suddenly hate something about its life - picky things, gardenias). On the whole I guess it's not surprising at all that I buy myself a caffeine addict potted plant.

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