Thursday, 26 May 2011

That 90's style.

Ok now I feel like apologizing in advance again. :D
Yesterday I was absentmindedly styling my hair and teased it really nicely in the front. This prompted me to update my status on FB on how well 90's hairstyles suit me and how that frightens me a fair bit. That got a couple of likes so I started trying on different kind of hairdos that were popular when I was a teen. Things swiftly got out of hand.

Aiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! This one is particularly painful because truth be told I wore this style for almost a whole year when I was 14! Only I had a frizzy poodle perm and a cheap red dye to complete the trainwreck. Back then I knew I looked tough and cool and don't mess with me, now I know I've been one awkward teenager. :DDD

Oh btw I did have a bandanna. A blue one, and later a red one as well. The red one was the best.

Now for variations of two styles: the ever so popular side-swept fringe and a lot of teasing and hairspray to reach the ultimate helmet hair!

Same, with a loose ponytail. I remember someone in some youth tv-series had this style and I desperately tried to ape her at 15. I failed. My teasing-fu only developed a couple of years later when I became a huge Hanoi Rocks fan, but let's not go there.

Side-sweep with a tight (but suitably frizzy) bun. This style looked best with that 90's poodle perm: you got the tightest rolls the hair salon had, then after washing it you just let your hair dry the way it was and did absolutely nothing to it except possibly went to bed with hair still wet. The following day you combed it, then tied it haphazardly in the back with a huge, colourful donut, or if you had long enough hair you could even use a lace bun net + that donut. One girl in our school always wrapped her hair bun in white bandanna and I envied her SO MUCH. I still don't know how it's done! D:

Lololollll this is the style I started from, and I didn't realize it at first but it very closely mimics one of my best friends' teenstyle! XD To better be her imagine an ultra white bleach job with dark roots and tight curls. Now, I'm not sure if I should say this but back then hair looked good if it looked to be in bad shape. Just look at 90's photos of Pamela Andersson if you don't believe me. I know I mentioned this in my FB already but 90's were the time when bad hair day meant your hair would not frizz no matter what you tried, and maybe that really is all you need to know about re-creating that look of Beverly Hills 90210 & other such classics.

PS Sorry about the dorkysmile in all of those photos. It's something about the hair that brought it up: one part amusement, one part fear and one huge part of wtf am I seriously doing this.

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