Wednesday, 25 May 2011

When the circus is in town.

On Saturday I found out by a lucky accident that there was a circus show downtown and naturally I needed to go see it. I love circus, always have. I especially love the new type of artfaggy circus with deep and meaningful stunts done with a lady yodeling something about lost childhood in the background and two clowns randomly pottering about. This time - well, I didn't get the clowns. And it was just Carmen's Habanera, but at least it was suitably moody and the weather was fine and well, I do love a showy show, clowns or no clowns.

The name of the group is La Fura dels Baus.

They almost managed to sway away from my camera lens in this one.

The suit guy in front suicides!

The second part was even more grim and ended up with the whole group hanging from the ropes like so many, well, hanged men.

I loved the pearl curtain effect.


I love stuff like this. :3

About the volcanic eruption: at the moment it seems to be ending. However, there's been some unusual earthquakes in the Grímsvötn area so we're watching it for now. If a new crater opens up elsewhere there might be a jökulhlaup and those buggers have washed roads off of a 15 km wide area before...

PS: I've got my towel. It's purple, soft and loyal to me.

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