Friday, 3 June 2011

9 things I like.

#2. I like art that's disturbing and/or gory, or just plain strange.

However, since I know this area is definitely not everyone's cup of tea I'm A) not going to post anything too weird/bloody and B) put the two with actual guro theme under a cut. See that "Read more" link at the end? That's the one.

I must admit I don't know much about all of these pieces. Top row on the right is called "If You Should Catch a Mermaid" and shows a freshwater mermaid that has been fished up by accident. These creatures apparently feign death as their sole means of self-defense, and cannot snap out of it unless danger goes away and they're back in water. Therefore if you don't throw her back she'll eventually die and rot away, leaving only fish bones behind.
Second row on the right is Ich-Theological Metamorphosis. Those pieces were also used in different tomographs illustrating Woodroffe's poem "Hallelujah Anyway".

On the right is Ildrinn gone mad after she found out about how God had betrayed her. She's holding a squirrel because the first weapon of this world was a bow that used a squirrel skin as string, and since Ildrinn hated human women she naturally preyed on them at first. Eventually when she grew into her full power she managed to destroy everything else as well, but here's she's still young and relatively tame. No rly.
The one on the left is by Takato Yamano.

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