Thursday, 9 June 2011


A looooooooong while ago there was a lolita craft exchange project which had the theme or forest animals, which for me went quite well: I received an awesome box of awesomeness and I'm intending in making a whole new post about that, but since I accidentally broke one item I'll have to fix it first. Boo hiss me.

However, I'm not so sure my recipient was as lucky as I was. Much as I tried I could not think of forest animals that I could have incorporated into craft, esp. with crocheting which she told me she preferred. So I went with butterflies. They live in forests too, no? At least in some forests? Parks, then?

...anyway. Since there's been a while since the swap I felt it safe to post some photos of my works, amateurish as they are.

I was mostly happy with the outcome, save for a couple of weak points. The worst one was that the glue I used when covering the headband base spread somewhat unevenly on the inside, and although it didn't look half as bad as the lighting in first photo makes it look like it was still a fault. 

Here's the top in all its OTTness.

The first item having that weak point in it, I decided to make her another piece in hopes that it would make the swap worthwhile. This is a hair clip, to avoid similar failures.

Butterfly detail.

I have since gotten completely hooked on crocheting roses btw. I'm literally swimming in them and I don't know what to do with the grand majority of them except that I might try selling them, but we'll see about that.


  1. Oh, must require some patience to make these? :D
    Anyway, the roses are very pretty and the light colored thing is absolutely wonderful. I could totally see it attached to hair or a clothing garment and looking all mighty and stunning ^^.

  2. If you ask me they took no patience what so ever because I love crocheting. It did, however, take quite a lot of time because I was a bit rusty and had almost forgotten how to do it.
    I'm glad you liked them! :D