Friday, 10 June 2011

Today I don't recognize myself in the mirror.

Today's outfit consists of ETC JSK and that's the only loli burando I'm wearing. It would also appear that for some reason I'm suddenly about 5 years old. A hag-faced 5 year old but just the same. I wonder if it's the hat, the collar of the bolero, the awkward pose or what, and whether I ought to be more interested in bonnets (because initially I thought my hat looked oddly bonnetish) or stay the everloving duck away from them...

I also tried Iira's lovely make-up tutorial today! Alas, her looks and her make-up skills are superior, but I still like the outcome on me. I did a bit lighter version of it to better suit my age though - once you go past that certain point your options are two: either you paint it like Mana or you go for as natural a look as possible, since you'll easily add ten years if you use too dark or too much make-up. There are other make-up tricks  and tips on how to avoid the worst mistakes, and I've been wondering if I ought to write them down somewhere. I know lolitas my age tend to be rare and I'm not even sure if there would be any interest in any such thing, besides I'm not very skilled at making tutorials. However, I could make some warning examples of what not to do. How does that sound like?


  1. Harharhar, I would definitely like to see that tuto 8D.
    I must say, I'm not too mighty with make-up-things myself, or never quite got into trying anything fancy... Maybe that'd be fun though. (Or hair... I never do anything cool with my hair either xD.)
    And age... I wonder if I'm a senior also in this U__U.

  2. No worries, I bet you a coffee I'm seniorer than you! :DDD It's a bit sad to admit but I know much better what not to do ever again that what to definitely do. At least I can avoid looking like an ultimate trainwreck - well, most of the time.