Sunday, 12 June 2011

Finally a warm day!

Figure out my legs.

This probably sounds a bit odd coming from a Finn, but OMG summer is finally here!!! I can wear this dress without a shirt underneath and I wasn't even cold! And I could wear my favourite geta and I still wasn't cold! I was even entertaining the thought of eating an ice cream to further prove that I, an alien in Iceland, was_not_feeling_cold for which likely was the first time ever since I moved here.

Anyway, I digress. This was meant to be an entry solely for the purpose of praising these geta. They're a thing of much beauty and comfortable too, which is more than I could say for most of the shoes in my collection. I bought them from Kyoto and have loved them with passion ever since. 

Finland is actually much warmer than Iceland in the summer, due to its location in the east. Likewise it's much colder in the winter, but less windy and humid. This is naturally due to its location inland (well, by the Baltic sea but that doesn't really count if the opponent is the Atlantic) and boy do I miss the hot summers of Helsinki. ;^; Oh well, mustn't grumble, at least it's really easy to wear lolita here. No amount of layers is ever going to be too much.

Talk about lolita, today was such a lovely day there was a photoshoot! Here's your sneak peek of what happened then, more will follow when I get them all edited.

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