Saturday, 11 June 2011

9 things I like.

#6. Letters, especially writing them.

Simply put, I love writing. I write about unimportant matters such as where I had coffee in the morning, what colour the sky tends to be in August during the worst heatwave, how I was disappointed when my favourite cafe closed for a month, how I react to suddenly being offered chocolate cake with whipped cream and why I think this is - all my letters are meaningless and hollow, but hopefully entertaining to a point. 

Besides writing I see a lot of trouble over how my letters look like. I want the paper to be pretty, the envelope to match. I don't usually put stickers on the letter itself (because frankly I need ALL that space to fit everything I want to say: these letters in this box each have 2-5 pages) but the envelope is another matter entirely.

I don't leave it at that, even! Stamps are also important. I love the Finnish Post Office for providing a wide variety of stamp possibilities including theme stamps, such as Moomins or old photos and stamps that come with a sticker page so you can tune them to your liking. There's even a possibility of having your own photos printed on. These two would be that, two photos from my very first trip to Iceland.

Ahem, yes, it's a bit embarrassing to admit this but I indeed wrote all these letters. To Snorri. While I still lived in Finland and he in Iceland. I wrote to him almost every day and I guess the decorations on these particular letters might be overtly sweet but I have an excuse, I do I do! Now please forget I ever mentioned this and return to thinking I'm a wildly cool individual plz. 


  1. Your letters look so lovely! Letter-writing is such a romantic art. I'd love to get into the habit of this sort of old-fashioned correspondence, but even with modern technology my replies are often hopelessly late.

  2. My problem tends to be exactly the opposite: I write way too much and too often and cause the recipient either wonder if I'm a stalker or feel awful about not being able to reply me as often. I had to do a good deal of ensuring just to be able to write Snu as much as I did! :D