Thursday, 30 June 2011

The first part of the third day, cow cafe and Dimmuborgir.

Red is muuuuch easier to see that that orange, hmph. Added Víti, Hverir and Dettifoss.

A whole lot of things happened on day three, and there's so many places we went to see that I decided to divide the day into bite-size chunks, so here goes the first bit.

We started the day at this little cafe that's in the same house with a barn! :D

It's got a very nice view inside, both to the fields and...

...the barn. There's strong glass between visitors and the animals though, never you fear.

Cows outside... we were there a bit late for breakfast but since all we wanted was coffee anyway we were all good. The milk was finished and the cashier lady darted to the backroom for a bit, and came with barely enough for one cup. I got a hilarious mental image that involved cows but let's not go there.

On our way out a man from the cafe ran after us to let us know we hadn't paid for the cake. We were all "duhhhh what cake?" and to this day I've no clue what he meant. I guess he mistook us for someone else, likely the British couple that left around the same time as we did.

That's right babe, pose for Bruno!

While I was still inside the cafe waiting for Snu (who was waiting for me in the car actually) the lady of said couple burst in in what seemed to be hysterics, and apologetically explained she needed to wash her hand, the cow had licked it! The cow licked her hand! Well, that's one thing they might do if you stick your hand near a cow. Lucky you M'am, I once got licked in the face, that's half a facewash in one go and you'll smell like grass afterwards.

The Mývatn area is full of these lava rock fences criss-crossing here and there.

I guess you build with what you have...

Hverfjall, a tephra ring crater. There's a popular walking route up and around it but as it's so long we decided to pass it this time. Next time we'll definitely go, though!

Nihihihi I love my camera's zoom! Two people on top of the Hverfjall. 

And then... dun dun duuunnnnnn...

There are several walking routes in this area, most of them easy.

In fact there's only one that's marked as challenging and even that wasn't too bad. At first our idea was just to go a little bit that way and then turn back but eventually we did the whole challenging path.

To me at least it seemed like the route that took you to the awesomest locations on the way!

Caves with roofs collapsed!

Lava mountains!

Paths you had to negotiate with some care! And extra paths that only led to some random amazing thing!

There's the path, winding its way through lava mountains and shrubbery. 

There's also random cracks in the ground with permanent ice in it. Might not be a good idea to bring any children on the challenging path, even though we didn't find it that difficult.

Snu is checking the grounds.

More caves. This one creeped me out for some reason. None of the others did.

If you click the pic bigger and squint you'll notice the blue mark stuck into the ground. The path goes through a hole in the lava, OMG.

This is what I wore and I had no trouble walking that route.

I love this place. Some day I want to have a photoshoot there.

Stone arcs? Holes?

They were everywhere!

There seriously needs to be a gothic lolita photoshoot in Dimmuborgir. I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.

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