Friday, 1 July 2011

Second part of the third day, to Hell.

I thought there was no point in re-posting that map since this is still day three, so instead you'll get a panoramic view over Mývatn from Dimmuborgir.

Sssso. After Dimmuborgir, which btw means "Dark City", we decided to go to Hell. Before that there were Hverir, "Hot Springs", where we also wanted to pop by. This is a random blue pool of warm water that I'm not quite sure of what it's for.

A photo of the pool from on top of the mountain that you see in the previous photo.

Cloud machines.

And here, among the red sand is Hverir. If you were thinking of warm baths or geysirs at the mention of hot springs you were quite wrong.

They're pools of mud.

What's more, it's boiling, acidic mud. It melts even rocks.

The smell was unbelievable. I've never smelled anything that rank, ever, and I've been to fetch my little brother from LAN parties and the Assembly. So trust me, Hverir smells gross.

The ground is warm everywhere but the dangerous areas have been roped off. With tiny, flimsy string.

Gloop gloop gloop...

The ground is so red! When you see Hverir from a distance the first thing you think is that there's a patch of sunlight on an otherwise dark mountain, but no, it's just that colourful! There's hiking trails around this place, like so many others.

I'm not quite sure what this is but I took a photo because it was amazing. I had to use the zoom of my camera because the area it was on was totally off limits.

Besides the mud pools there were also these pipe-things.

It's mostly sulphur and silicate. Gloop.

And then we indeed went to Hell, or Víti as it's called in Icelandic. First we had a nice lunch at the gates, then we oogled the pretty crater lake and climbed up the path by its side.

The lake was so blue! The photo is taken from on top of the crater wall, those small things down there are tourists and their cars. Snu smoked a cigarette, just so he could later on tell people he went to Hell and had a smoke.

There's a small path that goes around the crater, but there was a sign warning that the path was partially icy and slippery and that trying to walk it would have to be done "at own risk".

Then as I was taking photos I noticed something on the opposite side of the crater. I took a photo of it and found out...

...that it was someone standing there on the other side, taking a photo of me! :D

Someone's shoe broke on top of the crater. 

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