Saturday, 2 July 2011

Day four, first part. Hannes Boy.

Day four is marked in green, and as you see it was the longest drive of all days, but more about that later on. All pink marks tunnels again.

After a good shower and a well-slept night we packed the car and drove north of Akureyri and started our way around the peninsula. The weather suddenly turned foggy right from the morning. It was thick fog that seemed to rise from the sea and lay heavily on tops of the mountains.

There's a sheer drop to the sea for most of the way.

At this point the fog wasn't at its thickest yet, so you can even see that waterfall over the cliff there. The drop unnerved me quite a bit.

Little did I know the worst was yet to come. There, in the fog, you see the opening of the first or the series of four tunnels on the way. I glimpsed a traffic sign that stated we didn't have the right of way/we had to yield and kind of went "nnnooooo please don't let it be so..."

It was so.
The first tunnel only has one lane. Never ever ever have I felt so claustrophobic in a tunnel before...

There were widenings on our side every now and then. Whenever we saw someone's headlights coming at us we had to quickly find the next wide spot and stop there, and wait to let them pass. In a tunnel it can be very difficult to tell the distances so we didn't take any chances with this. There were way too many cars coming at us! The seven kilometres took us almost half an hour to drive because we had to keep stopping. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting some more. And wondering whether we had been hallucinating about the lights. And trying to take a peek to make sure. And eventually a car would drive past us, we would continue - and immediately see the headlights of the next car and desperately start searching for the next widening again.

Finally out and in Ólafsfjörður. The town looked dead. The only people outside were grumpy-looking teenagers fixing the greeneries.

A piece of art that somehow creeped me out.

The next tunnel. This time we were hopeful because the two following ones were very recently built.

And indeed, two lanes. Blessed, blessed new tunnels! They were much better lit too.

The next town was Siglufjörður, a quaint little place sandwiched between two tall mountains. The layer of cloud stretching from mountain to mountain was like a canopy over the whole town.

Cute, colourful houses and roads that were in better condition than in Ólafsfjörður. Siglufjörður sort of stole my heart a little.

Naturally it has a small harbour too.

We stopped to have morning coffee - well, second morning coffee. We're a bit hobbit-y like that. The first morning coffee is had in the tent, the second sometime along the way.

I loved the furniture of this place with burning passion and since it was so early there were hardly any more patrons in I had all the freedom to photograph the place as much as I liked.

A sofa group upstairs.

A morning coffee -drinking Snu.

This was the restaurant we went to. Originally the idea was to stop at the yellow cafe Hannes Boy, but it hadn't opened yet.

It had awesome furniture too, though!

Hannes Boy and the red restaurant behind it. And right next to Hannes Boy, dun dun duuun...

...was a teeeeeeeeny tiny camping site! It seemed to have everything one would need, and since I love Siglufjörður I'm going to go ahead and recommend it.

Mountain side buildings and low clouds.

A Snu going to the car.

The weather seemed to be clearer here, or perhaps Siglufjörður is just on lower ground that the other places?

This is a varða. You see them everywhere around Iceland. They mark a place where someone has been, and in places they even mark whole paths. Popular visiting sites can have several of them. The idea is that when you visit the same place you put a stone on the pile too, to mark that you have been there as well. 

Low clouds at Sauðanes.

Sauðanes viewing site. I got out of the car for a bit to take photos but it was so windy I didn't stay outside for long. This windiness could perhaps have been taken as a hint right there and then but alas we were too preoccupied with scenery etc. to worry about the weather. 

This is what Iceland does to your hair in less than a minute. You have been warned. :D

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