Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day four, second part. Get your clouds and Dettifoss here!

Day four continues and I start with the crater lake of Víti. This time the photos have been taken from the top of the crater path. In this entry there are photos onward from Sauðanes, and some of them have no other reason to be taken except that I thought the subject really beautiful, so perhaps it's best I don't talk needlessly about them.

This is a magnificent idea and likely saves lives. The road that would otherwise be narrow gets wider on top of hills and has that traffic sign in the middle so that cars know which side to go around it. Very useful, there's no way of telling whether or not there's a car coming from the other side and helps prevent collisions.

Hofsós, a tiny town on the west side of the peninsula.

Is that a horse in someone's back yard?

More horsies! :3

Here's the real reason to stop here: despite its small size Hofsós hosts a large emigration museum.

It's about all those Icelanders who left the life back home, deeming it hopeless in the harsh years when crops and fishing alike failed and there was no work in Iceland. They went to the States and Canada and settled there, forming Icelandic colonies.

Funnily enough when we got to the second building of the museum (there are three altogether) I ran across a classmate of mine! I had no idea she was living and working here! We both just gaped at each other first and then did the usual secret handshake my isn't it absolutely delightful to see you here! -thing you do in such situations. She said that for some reason I had been popping into her mind often those past few days.

Next there'll be photos of clouds.

Black sand.

The lighthouse at "the end of land", Landsendi.

Mountain peeking through.

Sauðárkrókur, perhaps?

Here's one more look at Dettifoss. 

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