Saturday, 23 July 2011

Golden Circle: Þingvellir and E y u so fast.

The last part of the trip was at Þingvellir, the first site of parliament in Europe. Langjökull over those mountains over there.

Looking down to the booths area.

Doggie had a cap. I know, I just thought he looked awesome.

S and Snu bonding over waiting for womenfolk to be done with going to the loo.

At Þingvellir Mid-Atlantic Ridge. 

Whoops, something ended up in my photo that wasn't meant to be there. So er, where's Waldo?
(Don't worry, they're just having a nap.)

Sami at the viewing site.

Some more awesome rock formations.

I guess this was the pond where they drowned witches and women who had children out of wedlock?

Snu checking either his phone or camera.

Wheeeeee a full 180 degrees!


  1. They are rather awesome no? :D This is why I wanted to take that photoshoot here with K and R.