Monday, 25 July 2011

Meet-up again!

O hi again. Whenever I loli I always ask Snu to snap a quick photo of the outfit before we go. That's why the background is always the same one - our front door wall. I was heading to a meet-up and was wearing

JSK + headdress: selfmade
Shirt: flea market find
Shoes: Dinsko etc.
Everything else: random.

At the meet-up were present: G, K and M. Much fun was had and there's M & K in the above photos, G left earlier on and didn't end up in the photos. Somehow my camera was also acting up, or perhaps the problem is right behind it, who knows.

Hem hem.

...and the always necessary shoe shot.

Then I fought desperately to get a good photo of K's mini hat. I failed. For some reason I managed to get her hair sharp but the the hat wtf.

This ring is made of awesome and so is M who gave it to me!


  1. Kauniin simppeli asu. Nätteinä olitte kaikki.

  2. Kiitosta kiitos! Harmi ettei G:stä ole kuvia, sekin oli tosi söötti...

  3. Lovely outfit and I agree about the ring. Cameos are pure love!

  4. Thank you and indeed, I love them with mad passion. I wished I could have learned to carve them while I studied goldsmithing but alas, apparently there were no people in Finland capable of cameo carving. :(

  5. I really like the background of your outfit snaps! And I like your JSK too- such pretty, spring-like colours.

  6. I like that window too. The yellow hose one step to the left of me is not that lolita though, so I always try to cut it of the pics. :D

    By strictly Finnish standards, at the moment it seems to be spring indeed. Showers, coldness, snow melting away except that I may have exaggerated a little with the last bit. Thank you for the comment, it makes me feel well flattered!